Brown Roof is aimed at creating a circle of giving in the community...


1) Giving Clothes 

We hope that people will give the best of their clothes as well as their household items, because they have been blessed with much and want to join in our circle of giving.

2) Giving Jobs

Because we have clothing and household items we need to sell, we are able to give jobs to those who otherwise would have a hard time finding a job.

3) Mentorship + Job Training 

We will give job training as well as mentorship to those we hire. We will also seek to be a blessing to our customers.

4) Giving Time

We hope that our staff and customers will want to give their time to the local ministries that we support

5) Giving Money 

We want to give as much money as we can to the local ministries which we support.

6) Community Impact 

By going through the circle of giving, we will be able to create community impact. As we grow the circle of giving, our community impact will be multiplied.

7) At-Risk Youth, Families, and Seniors

We support ministries within the community which provide for at-risk youth, families, and seniors.