The Brown Roof Thrift seeks to assist Christian non-profit organizations, good faith agencies and para-Church ministries in Spartanburg, SC that we believe will best utilize the investment to grow God’s Kingdom on Earth. We do this through helping provide employment for the disable and disenfranchised, and by giving and creating segways for serving and service for our community. Brown Roof Thrift is currently an outreach of the New Life Deliverance Worship Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is our heart as a ministry to introduce people to the Life-giving presence of God and to know Christ and make Him known.

Organizations outside of New Life Deliverance Worship Center that receive contributions from Brown Roof are selected based upon their demonstrated effectiveness in Christian evangelism and discipleship. We look for these, but not limited to these qualities when giving to charities that serve our community. We ask that they:

  • Be established as 501(c)(3) non-profits or IRS equivalents such as a church or ministry outreach.

  • Succeed in mobilizing volunteers in high proportion to their paid staff (e.g., 10/20 to 1 ratio).

  • Have achieved a modicum of success via innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.

  • Have launched new programs that mobilize volunteers to serve others and creatively share the Gospel.

  • Serve in helping pray for, partner with and promote the Brown Roof Thrift Store. This involves actively encouraging both patrons and clients to shop as customers and to regularly donate items to the store for resale.

  • Currently be giving to, working with and/or serving other ministries in the community with a Gospel focus.